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Magazine Vol.98 No.11 Nov. 2013

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vol.98 No.11 Nov 2013

No.11 2013

Feature Articles :The frontiers of infrastructure condition evaluation and future prediction

The safety and security of infrastructure is a major concern, in particular, after recent accidents and detection of severe structural damage in bridges, tunnels, and other critical infrastructure. There is an urgent need to address efficient management of infrastructure, damage prevention, and preparation against disaster, with a long-term perspective. The effectiveness of infrastructure management depends mainly on condition assessment and future performance prediction, which are in principle, based upon visual inspection and design documents. Such evaluations are by and large very effective, although relatively expensive and time consuming. Nonetheless, large uncertainties could remain even after the evaluation.

Therefore, recent technological developments in sensing, non-destructive inspection, simulation, and data processing, are expected to contribute to the enhanced assessment of current and future performance levels of infrastructure. Furthermore, appropriate evaluation of infrastructure quality reveals Japanese technological competence, which could lead to improvement of infrastructure quality and international competitiveness of Japanese industry.

This special issue on infrastructure assessment technology introduces state-of-the-art infrastructure condition evaluation and future performance prediction. In particular, leading-edge technologies which are used in industry are introduced and important characteristics of technologies which contribute to their use in industry are considered. While there are a variety of technologies being studied, only a limited number are actually used in industry. It is hoped that this special issue provides novel ways to consider how technological development in infrastructure evaluation research can lead to more accurate assessment of infrastructure in the real world.



(02) Natural Disasters and Their Damages A quick report of the disaster occurred in Yamaguchi & Shimane prefectures by heavy rain on 28 July 2013
HADANO Kesayoshi

(06) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Funakawa port, the 1st and 2nd Funairiba(basin) breakwater - The locally produced and consumed stone which built the port city -

(08) Feature articles:The frontiers of infrastructure condition evaluation and future prediction

(10) The proper inspection is the key of Asset Management-Toward the strategic maintenance management of the urban expressway-
SAKAI Yasuhito

(14) Tokyo Gate Bridge: its monitoring system and preventive maintenance

(18) Large-Scale Renovations of the Civil Engineering Structures along the Tokaido Shinkansen based on the Perspective of Preventive Maintenance
SEKI Masaaki

(20) Nondestructive evaluation techniques on steel structures

(22) Nondestructive inspection of concrete-Introduction of Ddiagnostic system for deterioration of concrete sewer pipes by elastic
KAMADA Toshiro

(24) Concise NDT methods by simple water supply for surface quality of concrete.
KISHI Toshiharu

(26) Performance assessment of concrete structure:The present situations and future tasks
ISHIDA Tetsuya

(28) Numerical model calibration for existing structures using the monitoring data

(30) Bridge Condition Assessment and Management in the U.S.
Matsumoto, Masato

(32) Collaboration between government and citizens on infrastructure maintenance utilizing smartphone application
KANEOYA Yoshihiko

(34) Monitoring of the large-scale underground space and facility

(36) Monitoring of volcanic activity -Forecasting eruptions using a dense network of observation-

(38) Inspection of composite aircraft structures -Existing technologies and Application of SHMTAKEDA
Shin-ichi, Minakuchi Shu

(40) The current status and future expectation of technologies for infrastructure condition assessment

(44) Further Study

(48) JSCE Magazine- A Retrospective Look Over the Past 99 Issues -President Speech at the First General Meeting of JSCE-Koui Furuichi and the Birth of JSCEYAMAGUCHI Keita

(52) Letters from Tohoku Recovery from Disaster in Sewage Works of Sendai City

(56) Working abroad:Infrastructure Development in Myanmar - Asia's Final Economic

(58) Committee report Applied Mechanics Committee, JSCE
HORI Muneo

(62) Studying Abroad The experience at The project for urgent reconstruction of pump station of Pluit in Jakarta OJT before leaving for overseas position

(63) Book review

(64) JSCE Member's Report

(66) Reviewing August issue

(68) Adviser's column

(70) International Activities Center

(71) JSCE Updates

(76) News

(78) JSCE Calendar

(86) This Issue's Contributors

(86) Next Issue


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