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Magazine Vol.98 No.10 Oct. 2013

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vol.98 No.10 Oct 2013

No.10 2013

Feature Articles :Urban Transport System in the Smart Era -Learning from the past to think about the future of data utilisation-
Words that are associated with and preceded by ‘smart’ are now prevalent. Several definitions can be found for the word ‘smart’ in the dictionary. The current trend of usage for ‘smart’ seems to be focused on conveying the sense of information processing functions. In the infrastructure industry, words such as ‘smart infrastructure’ and ‘smart city’ are gaining traction. Given the constant advancements in information technology, the demand for the use of information technology in constructing better infrastructure is likely to increase. Meanwhile, the authorities responsible for urban transport systems have been collecting data and utilising these to improve their planning and operations since the old days. Data from person trip surveys and traffic control systems of urban expressways have been collected and utilised since the 1960s. However, the methodologies used at the time are rarely referred to as ‘smart’. Nevertheless, prior attempts at efficient planning and system operations based on collected data do not much differ from those conducted using today’s smart technologies. Additionally, data and know-how accumulated in the past may have high value and should be taken into account when creating smart infrastructure in the future. This feature article presents smart technologies and empirical experiments in urban transport systems as examples of smart infrastructure. Examples of various cases over the past, present, and near future are selected to introduce how urban transport systems have become ‘smart’. Recent improvements in smart infrastructure and urban transport systems have not instantaneously occurred. Tracing the history of technological improvement is necessary to understand its potential application in the future. In the following articles, we hope to motivate readers to consider the future of smart infrastructure.



(02) Message from the President

(04) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Yamada Weir - Key player connecting the region and Chikugo River -

(06) Feature articles:Urban Transport System in the Smart Era -Learning from the past to think about the future of data utilisation-

(08) Planning, design, and data

(12) A history of urban person trip survey

(16) A History of Traffic Control:Praised Traffic Information and Oppressed Inflow Control
MATSUO Takeshi

(20) A search technology for smarter route choices and transport systems
ONISHI Keisuke

(22) Urban planning of tomorrow "way of using people flow map[Konzatu-toukei®]"
ADACHI Ryutaro

(26) Sophistication of Traffic Control Systems for Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway-Bring out the real ability by “Evolution, Intensification and Innovation”-
WARITA Hiroshi

(28) Aiming to “Smart Station Vision” which is next generation station

(30) he practice cases of smart infrastructure in Korean railway companies
KIM Taekyu

(32) A case of traffic management for a large number of trucks using the “Smart G-SAFE”-An application of in-vehicle tablet devices to deal with traffic jams and falling objects associated with transport of disaster waste-
NORO Yoshiyuki

(34) The concept of “Smart Infrastructure Maintenance” -Contributions of ICT to the civil engineering and construction industry-
KAI Takashi

(36) Introduction of the storm spotter project against tornado hazard as an example of public participated smart infrastructure

(38) Further Study

(40) Letters from Tohoku Rehabilitation of sea dike damaged in the great east japan earthquake
KATANO Masaaki

(44) Recovery and Reconstruction plan of Onagawa-cho, assemble people and technology, then get work together

(46) Working abroad:Efforts of Road Administration Advisor (JICA individual long-term expert) towards the improvement of the road sector

(48) My life as Civil Engineer:Vol.10

(50) Committee report The Earthquake Engineering Committee
KONAGAI Kazuo, FUJIWARA Torajiro, IKEDA Takaaki

(54) Coastal Engineering Committee, JSCE
MASE Hajime, GOTOH Hitoshi

(58) Studying Abroad:The Internship experience at an Architectural Office in Switzerland The experience in the cChanging city

(59) Book review

(60) JSCE Member's Report

(62) Reviewing August issue

(64) My Bookshelf

(65) JSCE Advisory Council The 4th Meeting Report

(72) Adviser's column

(74) Message from International Activities Center

(75) JSCE Updates
(77) News

(79) CE Careers

(80) New books

(82) New Paper on J-STAGE

(83) JSCE Calendar

(86) This Issue's Contributors

(86) Next Issue


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