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Magazine Vol.98 No.9 Sep. 2013

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vol.98 No.9 Sep 2013

No.9 2013

Feature Articles :Feature articles:The role and future of a base to Kanto block for the personal exchange, logistics and infrastructure development
In this special number, we focused Chiba Prefecture as a front door of Kanto block and analyzed the role of the local area which supported the personal exchange, logistics, human lives and economical activities for Kanto block. After analyzed the role of this area from the point of the past, the present, and the future, summarized the role of the local area which has supported the Kanto block and the future direction of it. The special number consists of three sections.

Part I focuses the infrastructure of traffic, logistics and energy related facilities which have been used for 30 years and explores the new directivity of infrastructure of the urban areas with conducting of Ex-post Evaluation of them.

Part II introduces the modern ages civil-engineering structures and those of characteristics in Chiba prefecture about 100 years or 150 years ago in order to understand the characteristics of the land of So-shu, the area from the east part of Tokyo metropolitan area to Chiba prefecture. It becomes possible to understand deeply the originality of the land by seeing irrigation waters, the disaster-prevention technology and new types of countermeasures for human exchange and logistics.

Part III focuses Narashino where 2013 JSCE Annual Meeting will be held. Narashino started as a place for land reclamation in Edo era and developed as the army town from Meiji era to Showa era, and then continued to develop as a town for supporting education after the Second World War. There is a Yu-road Okubo shopping street which is filled with ambience and charm of old history from Keisei Okubo station to the College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University. We will introduce the community planning of it as follows.



(02) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:First Horikawa Bridge - Stone Arch for Walkers to Pass Through

(04) Feature articles:The role and future of a base to Kanto block for the personal exchange, logistics and infrastructure development

(06) Industrial changes and attracting companies to Chiba prefecture

(08) 35th Anniversary of Narita International Airport-History and Future Facility Development Plans-
HAMA Seiya

(10) An overview of energy and the flow of people and goods and the future of Chiba prefecture
ODAKA Kazuhiro

(12) Past, Present and Future of Chiba Port
KOTANI Ryuichi

(14) Opening of the 42.9km Section of the Metropolitan Area 3rd Ring Road( Ken-oh-do) between Togane JCT and Kisarazu Higashi IC

(16) Introduction of Midorinomich(i Green Road):Tokyo Outer Ring Road( Chiba Section)
YAMADA Tetsuya, KAWASHIMA Yoshihiro

(18) The Ootone irrigation channel from the Tone through tunnels

(20) Trail of Tadataka Inou -Search for maps with unquenchable passion-

(22) Civil Engineering Heritage in CHIBA Prefecture
MATSUO Hiromichi

(28) The town where College of Industrial Technology of Nihon University is situated

(30) Feature articles 2:After two years from the earthquake - challenges for engineers proposed during JSCE symposium on March 2013

(32) What should be done for the next step in the restoration ?-outcome of symposia-
ONO Takehiko, IEDA Hitoshi, KAZAMA Motoki

(36) Abilities of the civil engineering against the difficulties of communities destroyed by natural huge disasters - The treatment and further utilization of debris-

(40) Management of soils and wastes contaminated with nuclides due to F1 accident

(44) Activities of Tohoku Branch Joint Committee on Academic Investigation of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
MANO Akira

(46) Working abroad:Seabed-submerged Tunnel Towards Completion

(48) My life as Civil Engineer: Vol.9

(50) Committee report Committee on Civil Engineering Information Processing

(54) Studying Abroad
SUGA Ryoichi

(55) Book review

(56) JSCE Member's Report “International cooperation in the region “ Promoted by the Hokkaido- Seminar on Public Works Administration in Regional Government -

(58) Reviewing July issue

(60) Adviser's column

(629 JSCE Updates

(68) News

(69) CE Careers

(77) New Paper on J-STAGE

(78) JSCE Calendar

(82) This Issue's Contributors

(82) Next Issue

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