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Magazine Vol.98 No.8 Aug. 2013

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vol.98 No.8 Aug 2013

No.8 2013

Feature Articles :Global Human Resources to safeguard the future of Civil Engineering
While the presence of Japan in the international community is decreasing, it becomes a critical challenge for Japanese industry, mainly in the manufacturing sector, to develop human resources from the global era, the so-called "global human resources". However, there are many problems to be solved, such as the delay of global human resource development in major universities and enterprises, inward thinking and inadequate international experience of young people, unclear career paths, and exclusive devotion to leadership development.

The articles in this special issue explore the need for global human resources and the required ideal candidate in civil engineering, discuss topics including the ideal way of education in universities and enterprises necessary for human resource development, matching of human resource strategy in civil engineering industry with human resources developed in universities, the current situation of young engineers who are active on the global stage, and how "global human resources" can be the trump card to safeguard the future of civil engineering which remains stagnant.


(02) Presidential Interview [Interviewee] HASHIMOTO Koutarou [Interviewer] SASAKI Yoh

(04) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Old Nabeyaueno Water Purification Plant No.1 Pump Station/Higashiyama Water Distribution Station:The source of the water service which supports Nagoya residents' life over the last century
MAKINO Hiroaki

(06) Feature articles:Global Human Resources to safeguard the future of Civil Engineering

(08) The requisite competency and trend of human resource development policy in the era of globalized economy

(12) A Role of Higher Education toward deveropment of Grobal Human Resource in Civil Engineering
TAJIMA Yoshimitsu

(16) Expectations for Civil Engineers in International Markets in Recent Years
KATO Hironori

(20) Training Personnel and Challenges on Overseas Projects for General Contractors

(22) The way to Success in Human Resources Development for Global Consulting Engineers

(24) How to develop global players in a Japanese Utility Company

(26) Quality of Global Human Resource Applicable for All Industries

(28) Global human resource development in Yamaguchi University

(30) International Courses to Develop Highly-Skilled Human Resources and Make New Kyoto University History

(32) Present situation and future issues on the global human resource development at Kyushu University
SONODA Yoshimi

(34) Global human resources from the standpoint of overseas railway consulting
MATSUO Nobuyuki

(35) Global human resources on the field of International cooperation-Case through the project of Cambodia water supply and Indonesia water resources-

(36) Human resources development through international projects by the local government

(37) To be a global civil engineer

(38) Further Study

(40) Letters from Tohoku Restoration and reconstruction of tsunami-hit sections of JR lines by Bus Rapid Transit- Offering of the regional transportation services contribute to reconstruct communities in the disaster areas-
NAGAI Takaya

(44) Working abroad:My history with Myanmar civil engineer

(46) My life as Civil Engineer:Vol.8

(48) Committee report Committee on Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering

(52) Studying Abroad
WADA Kazuaki

(53) Book review

(54) JSCE Member's Report Exertion of family doctor against maintenance of municipal road bridges
OTA Teiji

(56) Reviewing June issue

(58) Adviser's column

(60) JSCE Updates

(61) CE Careers

(63) New books

(65) New Paper on J-STAGE

(66) JSCE Calendar

(70) This Issue's Contributors

(70) Next Issue

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