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Magazine Vol.98 No.7 July 2013

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vol.98 No.7 Jul. 2013


No.7 2013

Feature Articles :Since most of social infrastructure in Japan was built during the period 1960-1980, we are now entering the period where aging facilities that have been in service for more than 50 years will increase rapidly, and the maintenance and management of these facilities has become a long-term social problem. Though civil engineers have been making great efforts to solve this problem, there still remain many unsolved issues. In this special issue, we try to develop arguments by posing two important questions. First, whether the reason that this problem remains unsolved in spite of the awareness of its importance, is that the positioning and evaluation of maintenance which regards social infrastructure such as road infrastructure, as assets that requires maintenance is unclear? Secondly, what kind of message from the field of civil engineering should be conveyed to the public, in order to obtain public understanding and cooperation, considering that effective systems and finances are required for proper maintenance of social infrastructure which is a valuable asset of the public?

It is intended that discussions and recommendations in this special issue or in various committees of academic societies would become opportunities for public discussions beyond the civil engineering field, and bring about tangible results beneficial to society.




(04) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Tokusagawa Bridge- The little lattice girder bridge with grand hope of western Shimane Pref.-

(06) Feature articles:What is the nature of maintenance of social infrastructure? - For gaining a better public understanding

(08) Issues in Maintenance and Renewal of Public Infrastructure - Direction of JSCE's Strategies.

(10) Maintenance and Renewal of Public Infrastructure -To Make it More Fascinating and More Shining
HASHIMOTO Koutarou, SUZUKI Motoyuki,
IEDA Hitoshi, AMANO Reiko, SEKI Katsumi

(16) A view from the financial asset management perspective to social infrastructure maintenance problems.

(18) Maintenance of railway structures Aoki Teruyuki

(20) Risk based maintenance of power facilities

(22) Facility management in New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd.

(24) Efforts to repair and rebuilding projects of the facility with a long-term perspective - Sewer facility management of Yokohama city -

(26) The need for large scale repair work in deteriorated expressway.“Towards minimize the impact to our customers by the imprementation of the repair work more efficientry andeffectively.

(28) Large Scale Reconstruction of Metropolitan Expressway -Efforts for Social Approval for the Project-

(30) Management of the bridge using “The 808 Bridges of Naniwa” - Aims to enhance the value of the bridge -
KOMATSU Yasutomo

(32) Issue of maintenance from the mass media's point of view. We should point out the merit of maintenance as well as obligation

(34) Further Study

(36) Working abroad:A breeze of HANOI

(38) My life as Civil Engineer:Vol.7

(40) Committee report The Committee of Civil Engineering for Energy Equipment
MOURI Tetsuaki , KASAHARA Satoru

(44) Studying Abroad

(45) Book review

(46) JSCE Member's Report

(46) Design of Awa Shirasagi Ohashi Bridge:Protecting the Environment and Reducing Construction Costs
TERADA Kazumi , TAKEICHI Shuichi

(48) Questionnaire of the intention that younger civil engineers and students learning the civil having- The actual status of younger engineers and students, and the proposal of these status problems solutions -
NOGUCHI Yoshio , MATSUMOTO Yoshitaka

(52) Reviewing May issue

(54) Letters from Tohoku


(58) Efforts for Reconstruction and Revitalization of the Breakwater in Soma Port
UOTANI Satoshi

(60) Adviser's column

(62) Pick-and-Choose Updates

(64) JSCE Updates

(82) News

(83) CE Careers

(86) New books

(88) New Paper on J-STAGE

(90) JSCE Calendar

(94) This Issue's Contributors

(94) Next Issue


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