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Magazine Vol.98 No.5 May 2013

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vol.98 No.5 May. 2013

No.5 2013

Feature Articles :Conserving the sandy beaches in Japan- Various approaches to coastal erosion -

Japan surrounded by sea on all sides has a very long shoreline. Due to this topographical feature, costal hazards such as tsunamis and storm surges occur frequently. While the protective function of coast has been enhanced by constructing coastal structures so far, in recent years, increasing attention has also been given to the protective function of sandy beaches. Although the devastating tsunami that resulted from the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011 caused major damage in coastal areas, there are reports of cases where direct damage was reduced due to coastal forests and sandy beaches that attenuated the tsunami. The preservation of a safe and abundant coastal environment can be said to be the mission of civil engineering not only in the event of a coastal disaster but also at other times for public use. In recent years, the need for integrated sediment management has received much attention since local optimization could not be a fundamental solution.
In this special issue, regarding the complex phenomenon of coastal erosion, case examples that explore the clue for problem solving by employing a variety of approaches are introduced. It is hoped that, readers of this issue will better understand the reality of problems in sandy beaches, and find out the possibilities of the future civil engineering from the discussion of environmental conservation of coastal areas, which requires broad and flexible thinking.




(02) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:TAKIMIYA BRIDGE The laparotomy arch-bridge built over the most Scenic Valley in the KONPIRA main road

(04) Feature articles:Conserving the sandy beaches in Japan- Various approaches to coastal erosion -

(06) Functions and Present State of Beaches - On the Basis of History of Coast and Coastal Engineering -
ISOBE Masahiko

(10) Restoring Shore in Japan - An Example in a Sediment Transport System composed of the Tenryu River and the Enshu Coast -
KISHIDA Hiroyuki

(14) A Cooperative Research Project of Sediment Management on the Enshu-Nada Coast
AOKI Shin-ichi

(16) Present and future status of the sand fill project in Tottori sand dune coast

(18) Sandy Beach Erosion in Seto Inland Sea

(20) The Examination of the Relationship between Activities of Creatures and Sand Coasts through the Observation on the Maite River Mouth.

(22) Reproducing the rocky shore to live - The kinoppu coast -
SAKAI Takashi

(24) Beachfront revitalization planning for population reduction society of Japan - About the system of shoreline setbacks in U.S. Hawaii
OKADA Tomohide

(26) Further Study

(28) Working abroad:Issues and Prospects of the Kabul Metropolitan Area Development
IWAMA Toshiyuki

(30) My life as Civil Engineer:Vol.5

(32) Committee report Committee of Infrastructure Planning and Management
HYODO Tetsuro

(36) Studying Abroad Experience note at new establishment project of gas-combined thermal power plant in Thailand

(37) Book review

(38) JSCE Member's Report The railway project of change to underground the Toyoko line will extend the railway network and change the Shibuya terminal
HARA Kiyoshi

(42)Letters from Tohoku As the member of the professional construction industry who protects the erea
UENO Hiroya

(44) Reviewing March issue

(46) Adviser's column

(48)Pick-and-Choose Updates

(50)JSCE Updates


(69)CE Careers

(70)New books

(73) New Paper on J-STAGE

(75) JSCE Calendar

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