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Vol.99 No.11 Nov.2014

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vol.99 No.11 Nov. 2014

No.11 2014


Feature Articles : Reflecting on the Origins of Civil Engineering in the Centennial Year

Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014. The "JSCE Magazine" issued in November 2014, exactly 100 years since the establishment of JSCE in November 24, 1914, focuses on rethinking what is “Life of Affluence” of people contributed by civil engineering. To achieve this, the role of civil engineering is identified from three perspectives: “Expand”, “Support”, and “Protect”.In addition, attention is given to "Nurture" people who work for it. This special issue aims to provide an opportunity, energy and support to JSCE members to reflect on the “origins of civil engineering” in the centennial year, through reviewing the history of society and civil engineering in Japan in these 100 years.



(02)Natural Disasters and Their Damages Hiroshima Landslide Disaster Caused by Heavy Rain in August 2014

(04) Message from the President
ISOBE Masahiko

(06) Feature articles:Reflecting on the Origins of Civil Engineering in the Centennial Year

(08) Scenes of Civil Engineering: to expand, protect and support our lives, and to nurture future engineers

(14) Words of wisdom for civil engineers

(16) International Cooperation and Infrastructure in the Future
OGATA Sadako

(18) Interview with the 66th President of JSCE, Dr.Iwao Nisugi -Be an engineer with persistent belief.


(24) The Centennial Histories of Expansion of Freedom of Movement

(26)Capability Approach -For New Collaboration between Civil Engineering and Economics-

(30) Departure from the Quest for Universalism toward the Sphere of Relations

(34) To Create the Society Enjoying Diversity, Through Expansion of Exchange E、pansiOm of EⅨ challgc
DOI Tsutomu, OKUMURA Makoto, SASAKI Kuniaki

(40) Messages from the Members PART 1


(44) The centennial histories of disaster prevention and environmental conservation

(46) History on Natural Disasters and Their Reduction Initiatives
KAWATA Yoshiaki


(50) Toward a creation of promising and safety future life with the innovation of water and sewer infrastructures
OMURA Tatsuo

(54) To protect our life from future extreme floods
MICHIOKU Kohji, SATO Takahiro, KANAO Kenji, NAKAJIMA Takashi

(60) Preserving Ecosystems : Balance with Disaster Prevention
TUJIMOTO Tetsuro, SEINO Satoquo, KAYABA Yuichi, TAKEUCHI Kazuhiko

(66) Messages from the Members PART 2


(70) The Centennial Histories of the Industry and Life

(72) Humanity in harmony with soil
SONO Ayako

(78) Expection of civil engineering supports life and change in the lnd.

(82) Export strategy of infrastructure in Japan and the future prospect

(88) Present situation and future prospect of our energy utilization
KAYA Yoichi, TOICHI Tsutomu, KIKKAWA Takeo

(94) Messages from the Members PART 3


(98) The Centennial Histories of Education and Training of Civil Engineers

(100)The origin of civil engineering education

(101) Technology Transfer -Current Problem and future perspective
KUSAYANAGI Shunji, HIRATA Kenichi, TAODA Nozomu, ONISHI Masamitsu

(112) JSCE's 100th Anniversary Celebration Commemorative Events

(128) CE Careers

(132) JSCE Calendar

(136) Next Issues



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