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Vol.99 No.5 May.2014

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vol.99 No.5 May. 2014

No.5 2014

Feature Articles : Working in the Middle East, Challenges for Civil Engineers

The Middle East has attracted world’s attention in various aspects such as oil, war, economy and religion. In construction industry, several big projects are undergoing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi such as construction of Masdar smart city and Sudeiri industrial park. Many countries have expanded business in the Middle East as this area is expected to have high demand for social infrastructure. However, very few Japanese construction companies consider the Middle East as main market. Though some Japanese trading and engineering companies are involved in plant construction, their business partners are not only Japanese companies. 

Recognizing the significance of de-exhaustible energy, oil-producing countries in the Middle East are using their oil money to promote the development of social infrastructures that do not rely on oil resource, creating a great opportunity for construction industry.This special issue introduces the characteristics of the Middle East Region, lessons from past failures, and successful examples in other industries, and aims to gain some clues for active business development in the Middle East of construction industry.

The first article summarizes the efforts of Japanese construction industry in the Middle East chronologically. A roundtable discussion on whether construction industry should develop business in the Middle East is also introduced. Expert articles on the Middle East research presents the way of thinking and business practices in the Middle East; followed by an article that summarizes 8 cases to introduce the efforts made by Japanese construction related companies in the fields of environment, airport and transportation. In addition, an article from families of expatriates introduces the life of Japanese expatriates in the Middle East. Finally, an article from the Middle East Cooperation Center presents relations of Japan and the Middle East and the future trend.

With intent of finding out the potential of the Middle East, the special issue introduces the efforts and hardship of civil engineers and businessmen in an unfamiliar land, the Middle East, which has very different climate and customs from Japan.



(02) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Shinsaga Bridge -Attracted to its showy design-
DOI Sachiko

(04) Feature articles Working in the Middle East, Challenges for Civil Engineers

(06) History of Bussiness of Japanese Construction Companies in the Middle East

(08) Business Development in Middle Eastern Countries
TANAKA Kotaro, FUKUMOTO Katsuji, SUZUKI Akihiko, FUKUSHI Kensuke

(12) Key to Successful Business with the Arab Gulf People

(16) Legacy of Dubai Metro Project
INOUE Kiyohiko

(18) JICA's Operations in Iraq
HARA Shohei  

(20) Experience from implementing environment monitoring system in Saudi Arabia

(22) Desalination technology and prospect in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
MATSUI Yasuhiro

(24) Procurement for New Doha International Airport Project of Passenger Terminal Complex
ITO Masashi

(26) Initiatives toward Developing Oilfield Produced Water as a Water Resource in Oman
TASAKI Masaharu, OKAMURA Kazuo

(28) Development of Bilateral Relationship with Qatar through Independent Power (and Water) Projects in Qatar
KISHI Hisashi

(30) Railway Tunnel Construction Project Crossing the Bosphorus Strait to Connect Europe and Asia –Culture to belong to neither Europe nor Asia-

(32) The life in Saudi Arabia
MUTO Kazumi

(34) Life in Dubai

(36) Opportunities in infrastructure-related business in the MENA region -Great potential & expectations toward Japan-

(40) Further Study for the Project in Middle East

(42) JSCE Magazine -A Retrospective Look Over the Past 99 Issues The Problems of Resources and Energy

(46) Letters from Tohoku Dialogue on the affected area in Tokyo -JSCE Talk Salon:Followup Seminar on Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake

(48) The limit of the engineering-works administration which became open by earthquake disaster revival -Comments on JSCE Talk Salon; Followup Seminar on Restoration from the Great East Japan Earthquake

(50) Working Abroad Be engaged in a recycling infrastructure system in“Dalian City”

(52) Holiday's special CE activity

(54) Committee Report Committee of Civil Engineering of Nuclear Power Facilities

(58) Studying Abroad Studying ocean surface waves at University of Miami
TAMURA Hitoshi

(59) Book review

(60) JSCE Member's Report Promotion of TOHOKU Reconstruction Projects by Using Construction Management

(62) Reviewing March issue

(64) Advisers' Column

(66) International Activities Center

(67) JSCE Updates

(84) CE Carreers

(88) JSCE Calender

(92) Next Issues



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