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Magazine Vol.99 No.2 Feb.2014

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vol.99 No.2 Feb. 2014

No.2 2014

Feature Articles : Time to promote diversity of civil engineers ! ─Difference is value. Diversity is vitality.─
What is the industry that motivates the young generation considering their career options to dream of "I want to work in this industry"? This question is the start point of the theme of this special issue.
 The Civil Engineering industry faces various challenges in our society, such as the rapidly declining birth rate and growing aging population, maintenance of infrastructure built during the period of high economic growth, and restoration after the Great East Japan Earthquake; and plays an important role in overcoming these challenges. In order to solve challenging issues in an efficient and timely manner with a priority for ensuring safety of the people, the Civil Engineering industry should place emphasis on "human resources". How to develop and secure excellent human resources, and create an environment where people can actively work with a feeling of "worth doing", is a significant challenge necessary for the development of the industry.     
In addition, the general public, the end user of social infrastructure, consists of people with diverse values and in different positions. In order to solve the problems from the perspectives of the general public, we civil engineers should put ourselves in various positions and carefully consider such diverse values, become a positive force to solve conflicts and debates arising from the general public, and figure out the right direction. In order to realize this, the Civil Engineering industry should not be an industry that only people who meet certain requirements can join, and exclude people that do not meet the requirements. The Civil Engineering industry should create an inclusive environment that allows for differences of various values and opinions, nationality, restricted working hours due to childcare and nursing care responsibilities, etc. In other words, promoting diversity is very important and indispensable.    
Observing people with diverse talents and backgrounds working in the Civil Engineering industry actively and with much enthusiasm, the young generation who are considering career options may dream of "I also want to be like that! That is my career goal". We should always keep in mind that we adults are the "image of my future" in young people’s eyes.  
Therefore, this special issue focuses on "promoting diversity".  It is our intention that this special issue "Promoting Diversity" will deliver a "dream" to the young generation, and contribute to the development of the whole Civil Engineering industry.



(02) Message from the President

(04) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Hananuki River 1st power station 3rd aqueduct bridge –Sinple design of the reinforced concrete arch brigbe built at early 20c.-

(06) Feature articles:Time to promote diversity of civil engineers ! ─Difference is value. Diversity is vitality.─

(08) Diversity management and the support of work life balance
SATO Hiroki

(10) Significance of diversity promotion and effects of efforts due to learning from the successful case

(16) Individual and organization grow together by diversity

(18) What leaders should do : to be consistent and to keep sending messages, Always with acknowledgments to staff

(20) CSR activities in ""Toyota Production System"" –active utilization of the elderly-

(22) Present State and Issues on Promoting Diversity in JSCE

(24) Fostering KOSEN students for their glorious future career

(26) Diversity for me
LIM Boon Keng

(28) Get rid of your prejudices, please.

(30) How to overcome life events and keep on working–Actual opinions of female construction engineers working at construction sites-

(32) “Work-Life Program” of East Japan Railway Company

(34) Contribution of Female Construction Engineers to Design and Building of Houses -Course of the “Diversity Management Selection 100”Prize Winner Company-

(36) “Never Give Up, Go Ahead” Interview with the Recipients of “Woman of the Year”
ABE Reiko, SUDA Kumiko

(40) Future studies for promoting diversity of civil engineers

(42) JSCE Magazine -A Retrospective Look Over the Past 99 Issues
Publish Civil Engineering News

(46) Letters from Tohoku Takizawa Mongolia Village Produced from Iwate Social Business School

(50) The Ishii lock gate, an important cultural property of the 1880’s withstanded the Great East Japan Earthquake
SATO Katsuhide

(54) Working Abroad Administrative Management in Arab Countries

(56) Learns from Civil Engineers who endeavors in Reconstruction

(58) Committee Report The Committee on Education, JSCE 62 Studying Abroad Working at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne as doctoral assistant.

(63) Book review

(64) JSCE Member's Report
Restoration of Sakanoue Tunnel damaged by torrentialYOSHINO Toshinari

(66) Reviewing December issue

(68) International Activities Center

(69) Advisers' Column

(73) JSCE Updates

(83) JSCE Calendar

(86) Next Issues


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