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Magazine Vol.99 No.1 Jan.2014

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vol.99 No.1 Jan. 2014

No.1 2014

Feature Articles : Aim to build a relationship of trust with society─Discuss about challeges and prospects of the mediain civil engineering.─

It is often discussed that the images for civil engineering need to be reconsidered.
It might be true that there are many civil engineers who doubt that the media, such as newspaper and Television, for pubic enterprise broadcast the images of civil engineering in wrong ways for a long time. And, the words to make its reputation good have been increasing nowadays.

For a long time, the social meaning of civil engineering is considered as supporting human activities by creating spaces and buildings in order to meet social needs. Even though the existence of end users is a major premise, it is difficult to realize its true meaning because clients of public enterprises are mainly city administration. Therefore, it is not indispensible to provide information to the end users. Here, there are some negative opinions on it. In other words, it is considered that there is an actual condition that the opportunities for telling the true meaning of civil engineering to our society are in lack. Also, it might be true that the activities for civil engineers to understand about the true meaning are also in lack. Moreover, some of them think it as not necessitous subjects.

From this point of view, it is important to discuss about challenges and prospects of the media in civil engineering as not only simply considering the issue between the media and civil engineering as creating a good reputation but also creating trust with end users. In other words, it should be considered as the creation of trust of partnership with society and as subject to connect civil engineering and society.



(02) New Year greetings from the president

(03) JSCE Executive Committee on 100th Anniversary Events

(04) Natural Disasters and Their Damages

(12) Admiration of Civil Engineering Heritages by JSCE:Civil Engineering Heritage Sites Selection:Nagara Oohashi ─A Bridge over the knots of Epochs─
DEMURA Yoshifumi

(14) Feature articles:Aim to build a relationship of trust with society─Discuss about challeges and prospects of the mediain civil engineering.─

(16) Reconsider "how to tell" in the civil engineering ─Aim to build a relationship of trust with society─
NONAKA Satoshi, OSHIMA Hiroyoshi, OZAWA Kazumasa, SASAKI Yoh

(22) The chronology of public image of civil engineering

(26) On communication : a theoretical study
UCHIDA Tatsuru

(30) Community Design of Public Space Encouraging Shimin Bushin (Citizen Works)

(34) A study of the communication with the citizen during the designing process of public spaces ─Methods to put a good cycle of spaces and activities into the urban design─

(38) 'Road where Mountains and Sea and Sky meet' Pamplet Design for Tunnel-route Sequence Design of Atsumi-Tsuruoka, Nittho-do

(40) Underconstruction Films which impress a person
ISO Tatsuo

(42) MOD’s Public Relation Strategy to gain the understanding and trust of Japanese people
ITO Shigeki

(44) Media development to help raise ""Wisdom of Water"
NAKAMURA Shinichirou

(46) Rather than communicate shallowly to everyone, communicate deeply to Infrastructures fans.

(50) Further Studies for a relationship of trust with society

(52) JSCE Magazine -A Retrospective Look Over the Past 99 Issues Principles of the Civil Engineer (1935~1944)
HIGUCHI Teruhisa

(56) Letters from Tohoku Policy and Measures of Reconstruction Agency on House and Town Rebuilding

(58) Working Abroad "By-Pass Highway Construction Project to Reduce Traffic Jam at Harbor Access Road

(60) Learns from Civil Engineers who endeavors in Reconstruction

(62) Committee Report JSCE Executive Committee on 100th Anniversary Events

(66) Studying Abroad Study Abroad at Colorado School of Mines Civil Engineer challenges Mining Engineering in the United States

(67) Book Review

(68) Reviewing November issue

(70) International Activities Center

(71) Advisers' Column

(72) Pick-and-Choose Updates

(74) JSCE Updates

(79) News

(80) CE Careers

(84) JSCE Calendar 

(88) Next Issues


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