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JSCE 2020-2024

Introduction of JSCE 2020-2024

"100-year Vision on Civil Engineering and Society," which was established in the JSCE Centennial Anniversary in November 2014, states the actions and goals which we JSCE, civil engineers and the civil engineering community should achieve, having a clear picture of society 100 years from now. The action plan JSCE 2015, based on that picture, sets forth the mid-term goals to be achieved in 20 to 30 years; accordingly, we have developed and implemented activities. Then, we  have specified and prioritized the items and actions to be done, seeing the next 20 to 30 years with the next action plan JSCE 2020-2024.

We do hope that the JSCE 2020-2024 will give clues and support to the civil engineering community and any civil engineers to fulfill their roles in society and achieve the society which we visualize in 100 years.

【Video Clip with English subtitles】JSCE 2020-2024


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・JSCE2020-2024 ~地域・世代・価値をつなぎ、未来社会を創造する~(Japanese)