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Study Tour Grant (STG)

JSCE Study Tour Grant (STG), supported by International Scientific Exchange Fund (ISEF), is a unique program for young civil engineers to learn Japanese civil engineering technlogy and projects. The STG program invites the civil engineering sutdents who are nominated by the AOC societies to Japan to stay for about one week. During their stay, those students visit project sites and research institutes, meet leading civil engineering professionals and academics, and share their projects with other students. At the end of the program they are requested to submit a report on their experience gained in Japan to JSCE and also to the AOC to which they belong home. This program gives a chance not only to see technological innovations, but also to experience them in the environment that they are achieved.

* Implementation Guideline for JSCE Study Tour Grant

2016 STG

  • Period: September 4-10
  • Places & Projects: STG 2016 Schedule
  • Recipients & Report:
    1) Mr. Aung Myat Thu (Myanmar - MES)
       Report_1, Report_2
    2) Mr. HABIBIE RAZAK (Indonesia - PII BKS)
       Report_1, Report_2
    3) Mr. Tran Dinh Tung (Vietnam - VFCEA)
       Report_1, Report_2
    4) Mr. PUREVDORJ Sosorburam (Mongolia - MACE)
       Report_1, Report_2
    5) Mr. Dogancan Telli (Turkey - TCCE)
       Report_1, Report_2
    6) Mr. Alben Rome B. Bagabaldo (Philippines - PICE)
       Report_1, Report_2
    7) Ms. Rattanaporn Kaewkluengklom (Thailand - JSCE Thailand Section)
       Report_1, Report_2


2015 STG


2014 STG

  • Period: September 7-15
  • Places & Projects: STG 2014 Scedule
  • Recipients:
    1) Mr. Si Thu Win (Myanmar)
    2) Mr. Ankhbayar Ulziidiidermaa (Mongolia)
    3) Mr. Engin Nacaroğlu (Turkey)

2013 STG

  • Period: August 29 - September 7
  • Places & Projects: STG 2013 Schedule
  • Recipients:
    1) Mr. Pich Chanvichet (Cambodia)
    2) Mr. Ali Bin Sohail (Pakistan)
    3) Mr. Pham Thanh Tung (Vietnam)

2012 STG

  • Period: September 3-12
  • Places & Projects: STG 2012 Schedule
  • Recipients:
    1) Mr. Agung Rizky Fajri (Indonesia)
    2) Ms. Trinh Thuy Huong (Vietnam)
    3) Ms. Siriporn Thongjaeng (Thailand)
    4) Mr. Eui Sung Kim (Korea)

STG Reports