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Student Voice No.7 "Top 3 valuable Lessons to be learned in Japan "

 Wang Luyao  (China)

 Saitama University


Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/node/582

Student Voice No.6 "My New Life in the Land of the Rising Sun"

 Osama Abdelfattah  (Egypt)

 The University of Tokyo


Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/node/572

Student Voice No.5 "A Rich Framework of Studies and Cultural Discovery"

 Christian Sawadogo (Burkina Faso)

 Kyoto Universityo


Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/node/570


Student Voice No.4 "Living beyond own grid"

 Ullah Md Shajib  (Bangladesh)

 Doctoral student
 Earthquake Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Group,
 Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
 Saitama University 

Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/node/518


Student Voice No.3 "Coming to Japan is my dream, studying in Kyoto is beyond it."

 Souphaysone Manodharm  (Laos)

 Master student
 Civil and Earth Resource Engineering,
 Kyoto University 

Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/node/507



Liyanto Eddy  (Indonesia)

Doctor's course student
Department of Civil Engineering,
The University of Tokyo

Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/student_voice/02


Student Voice No.1 "My life in Japan"

Sumit Maskey  (Nepal)

Master’s course student
Department of Urban Management,
Kyoto University

Click here! => http://www.jsce-int.org/student_voice/01


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