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International Awards

International Award


International Award is made to two Japanese civil engineers for their significant contributions to civil engineering progress and infrastructure development through their practices in and outside Japan, and to foreign individual for his/ her exellecnt contribution to the progress of Japanese Civil engineering and the promotion of exchange and cooperation between Japan and other countries. More


Continuing International Contribution Award

Continuing International Contribution Award is made to young civil engineering professionals for their significant contribution to the development of civil engineering and/or infrastructure development thorugh their practices outside Japan.  Their unique perspectives, geniuine interest, solid undersatnding and skills are asset. Candidates must be under 50 years old on April 1 in any given year. More

International Collaboration Award

The International Collaboration Award is established in 2013. This Award is granted to foreigners around 50 years old or younger (as of 1st April 2015), who meet the following conditions: (i) he or she has made contributions to the progress and development of civil engineering and/or infrastructure improvement in Japan or other countries, through the exchange and collaboration with Japan, and (ii) he or she is expected to play an active role in the progress and development of civil engineering in Japan or other countries. More


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