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No.12 2013
Feature Articles :Feature articles:Remote Islands of Japan – To Understand, Protect and Utilize

No.11 2013
Feature Articles :The frontiers of infrastructure condition evaluation and future prediction

No.10 2013
Feature Articles :Urban Transport System in the Smart Era -Learning from the past to think about the future of data utilisation-

No.9 2013
Feature Articles :Feature articles:The role and future of a base to Kanto block for the personal exchange, logistics and infrastructure development

No.8 2013
Feature Articles :Global Human Resources to safeguard the future of Civil Engineering

No.7 2013
Feature articles:Present and future asset management─Progress, Outcomes and Problems in 10 years─

No.6 2013
Feature Articles :Feature articles:The Problem and Future of Research Institutes - For the Development of the Civil Engineering Technology -

No.5 2013
Feature Articles :Conserving the sandy beaches in Japan- Various approaches to coastal erosion -

No.4 2013
Feature Articles :Feature articles:Marine national Japan’s Renewable Energy- Practical applications of offshore wind power generation

No.3 2013
Feature Articles :Feature articles:Current topics on performance based designCurrent topics on performance based design

No.2 2013
Feature Articles :Feature articles:Thinking about the Super-Aged Society - The Role of Civil Engineering for Building a Sustainable Society -

No.1 2013
Feature Articles :Watar issues in Tokyo megacity –Considering thelarge city from water aspects-




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