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Past Newsletters List

Newsletter No. 37, April 2012

  • Flash Report of The Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Message from JSCE President
  • Disaster Report
  • Linkage Student Program Report
  • Information of JSCE Annual Meeting

Newsletter No.36, February 2012 

  • Outdated "Interanationalization" for JSCE in Next 100Years
  • Flash Report of The Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Photo Report from JSCE Magazine
  • Report of the PII-JSCE Jointseminar13th International Summer Symposium
  • Student Network-Excellent Speakers from Summer Symposium
  • Information- 14th International Summer Symposium

Newsletter No.35, December 2011 

  • Flash Report of The Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Photo Report from JSCE Magazine
  • Report of the 13th International Summer Symposium
  • Student Network

Newsletter No.34, October 2011 

  • JSCE, JGS and CPIJ Presidential Joint Statement on the Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake: Gear up to face the challenge and move forward for a better future.
  • Special Committee on 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
  • JSCE/Thailand Section - JCSE Joint Seminar
  • Information One Year after 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake- International Symposium on Engineering Lessons Learned from the Giant Earthquake -

Newsletter No.33, December 2010 

  • JSCE - A Hub of International Civil Engineering Community
  • TCCE - JSCE/TR Section - JSCE Joint Symposium on Concrete Engineering
  • 19th Executive Committee Meeting of ACECC and 5th Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region
  • Photo Report

Newsletter No.32, June 2010 

  • The Inauguration of the 98th President Prof. Kenji Sakata, JSCE Fellow
  • Photo Report
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant 2009 Report
  • Announce of 2010 Annual Meeting

Newsletter No.31, March 2010 

  • Sharing Civil Engineering Technologies in Asian Region
  • Photo Report
  • Report of Committee on ACECC
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant 2009 Report
  • Call for Papers of 12th ISS
  • Announce of 2010 Annual Meeting

Newsletter No.30, November 2009 

  • Greetings from President of JSCE
  • Australia Japan Joint Workshop on Steel and Composite Structures
  • Lectures by the award-winning hydrologists on the occasion of the 2008 JSCE International Contribution Award
  • Seminar on Construction Management and Contract Administration
  • The Eleventh International Summer Symposium
  • TCG - JSCE Joint Seminar on Concrete Engineering
  • Civil Engineering Design Prize(CEDP) 2008 Report
  • Information-New annual membership fees

Newsletter No.29, July 2009 

  • Greetings from President of JSCE
  • Announce of 2009 JSCE Annual Meeting in Fukuoka -International Programs-
  • Announce of 11th International Summer Symposium in Tokyo
  • Joint Seminar in 2009
  • Report of International Symposium on Preservation and Development of Greet Mekong Sub-region and International Support
  • ICE Brunel International Lecture Series came to JSCE
  • Construction of the World Deepest Immersed Tunnel -Republic of Turkey, Bosporus Crossing Railroad Tunnel-
  • Information from Korea Section

Newsletter No.28, January 2009 

  • Let's expand our friendship as global civil engineers!
  • The 34th KSCE Conference & Civil Expo 2008
  • Student Network-Voice from the Students-Transportation Infrastructure Systems: Experience Learned from Japan
  • Project Report-5 Steel Bridges Construction for Uzbekistan Railway- JSCE Study Tour Grant 2008

Newsletter No.27, November 2008 

  • Civil engineering - Closest discipline to sustainability
  • 2008 JSCE Annual Meeting
  • ACECC Activity in Japan-2nd Workshop on Harmonization of Design Codes in the Asian Region-
  • Report of The Tenth International Summer Symposium
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant 2008
  • International Workshop on the official Tsunami Hazard Map held at Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia, 25-26 August 2008
  • The DVD “Living in Cold Regions in Japan: Disaster-Prevention Measures and Civil
  • Engineering Technologies played at G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, 2008
  • 2008 JSCE -KSCE Joint Seminar
  • Project Report - Fukutoshin Line of Tokyo Metro Opened for Service-
  • Student Network-Voice from the Students- Infrastructure Development in Nepal: Learning from Japanese Technology

Newsletter No.26, September 2008 

  • Doors of engineers' interaction and windows of information always open to our colleagues overseas!
  • Inaugural Meeting of the Philippines Section Immediate Past President of JSCE Visited the Philippines
  • First Collaborative Symposium of Turk-Japan Civil Engineers
  • International Cooperation with Mongolian Association of Civil Engineers
  • SVR - JSCE Joint Seminar on Concrete Engineering
  • Preliminary Announcement "International Symposium on Preservation and Development of the Great Mekong Sub-region and International Support" 4-5 December, 2008
  • First Mass-Transit System in Middle East, Dubai Metro Project

Newsletter No.25, July 2008 

  • Greetings from President of JSCE
  • Dr. J.C. CHERN won the 2007 JSCE International Award
  • Announce of 2008 JSCE Annual Meeting in Sendai-International Programs-
  • Civil Engineering Design Prize(CEDP) 2007 Report
  • JSCE News from May to June, 2008
  • International Familiarization of ISO Code for Performance-Base Design for Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction of Algerian East-West Highway by Japanese Consortium (COJAAL)
  • Student Network-Voice from the Students-Construction and Management of Bridge and Highway Systems in Japan

Newsletter No.24, April 2008 

  • Promotion of Cooperation and Mobility in the Asian Region
  • Disaster Report The 2007 Pisco Peru Earthquake
  • ACECC Meetings in Sydney, Australia
  • Inaugural Meeting of Thailand Section President of JSCE Visited Thailand
  • Project Report Tokyo Smooth - Central Circular Shinjuku Route makes it possible
  • Lie-Liung CHOU Workshop on BOT Projects in Taiwan
  • Joint Seminar in 2008

Newsletter No.23, January 2008 

  • The JSCE Contribution to ACECC
  • Greetings from President of Korea Section, JSCE
  • Summary of the damage caused by the July 16th 2007, Niigata-ken Chuetsu-Oki (Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Off-shore) Earthquake, Japan
  • Kenichi Soga is awarded the ASCE Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize
  • KSCE-JSCE Joint Seminar on Concrete Technology
  • JSCE-KSCE-CICHE/TCI Joint Seminar
  • Report of International Cooperation Committee of Civil Engineers in the JSCE Shikoku Branch
  • ICE-JSCE Gathering at the Christmas Season
  • Student Network - Voice from the Students -
  • JSCE E-Friend Registration - the new member-networking service -

Newsletter No.22, October 2007 

  • The Activities of Japan Society of Civil Engineers: Message from President Ishii
  • Greetings from Vice Chair of International Activities Committee
  • JSCE Taiwan Section: Shield Tunnel Technology Seminar
  • Report of the 4th Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region (4th CECAR)
  • EIT-JSCE Joint Seminar on Rock Engineering 2007
  • The Ninth International Summer Symposium
  • Report on International Program, 2007 JSCE Annual Meeting

Newsletter No.21, August 2007 

  • Greetings from Chair of International Activities Committee, JSCE
  • Dr. Park won the 2006 JSCE International Award
  • The 2006 Environmental Award Cheng Gyu Cheon Restoration Project
  • Presidential Visit to Mongolia: MACE Annual Meeting & Seminar, JSCE Mongolian Section, and Major Public Offices
  • JSCE-MACE Joint Seminar
  • The 6th International Section - Indonesia Section established
  • Obituary: Prof. Fumio Nishino

Newsletter No.20, May 2007 

  • New Action Plan to Enhance JSCE's Visibility in the International Arena

Newsletter No.19, February 2007 

  • Message form President
  • 2006 JSCE Annual Meeting
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant 2006 - Taweep Chaisomphob
  • CCES-JSCE Joint Seminar Report
  • KSCE-JSCE Joint Seminar Report
  • The JSCE/JCI-VIFCEA/VCA Tokyo Workshop in 2006

Newsletter No.18, May 2005 

  • 2004 Sumatra Offshore Earthquake and the Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • CICHE-JSCE Joint Seminar Report
  • "JSCE Guidlines for Concrete"
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant 2004 - Nagendra prasad. Adhikari
  • Shaking Grounds My Profession Life in Japan - MINESAWA GEORGE VULPE

Newsletter No.17, January 2005 

  • JSCE 90th Anniversary Commemoration
  • JSCE Annual Meeting 2004 Report
  • Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake: A Strong Quake hits Niigata Prefecture
  • KSCE Annual Meeting
  • ASCE Annual Convention
  • 2004 JSCE Study Tour Grant - Adhikari
  • The JSCE-PICE-NCTS Joint Seminar on Sustainable Urban Transport Systems
  • Report on Civil Structural Health Monitoring (CSHM) 2004 Hawaii, 10-13 November 2004
  • A Professional Walk through Uncharted Waters of Japan - KERATI K.

Newsletter No.16, September 2004 

  • The 3rd CECAR REPORT
  • The 6th Int'l Summer Symposium
  • Afghan Reconstruction - Reporting from Hazy Kandahar -
  • A Professional Walk through Uncharted Waters of Japan - V. ANBUMOZHI

Newsletter No.15, June 2004 

  • Interview with New President, Prof. MORICHI
  • 3rd CECAR (3rd Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region) will be Held in Korea Soon
  • "Special Roundtable Discussion on Woman Civil Engineers' Issues with the President of ASCE"
  • Taipei 101 Skyscraper - Tallest Building in the World -
  • 2004 JSCE Annual Meeting
  • "From Djurjura to Fujiyama: A story of my life"

Newsletter No.14, March 2004 

  • New Year's Message from President Mikanagi
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant - Tulga Gantumuur
  • The International Symposium on "Approaches for Global Water Hazard and Risk Management in the 21st Century" by Public Works Research Institute
  • "Civil Engineering" Nov. 2003 Feature Article: "Advancement of General Contractors" - Keiichi Fujita
  • An Arab Engineer Digging his way in Japan
  • CAll for Abstracts to The Sixth International Summer Symosium

Newsletter No.13, December 2003 

  • "Civil Engineering" Oct. 2003 Feature Article: "The Competitive Edge of Janapese Construction Technologies and Future Overseas Projects" (Summary) - Minami Tomise
  • The JSCE Annual Meeting 2003 in Tokushima
  • "The KSCE-JSCE Joint Seminar on Durability of Concrete Structures"
  • Reconnaissance of the damage caused by the May 1, 2003, Bingöl Earthquake in Turkey
  • Foreign Engineer Trying to Fit into the Japanese Society

Newsletter No.12, September 2003 

  • "Civil Engineering" Jun. 2003 Feature Article: "The Prospect for Transportation for Elderly & Disabled in Japan: Through Comparison with Other Countries."(Summary) - Tetsuo AKIYAMA
  • The 5th International Summer Symposium
  • "The Gift for the Future"
  • Foreign Engineer Trying to Fit into the Japanese Society
  • New E-Friend Registration System

Newsletter No.11, June 2003 

  • Interview with President MIKANAGI
  • TAIWAN High-Speed Rail Starts Track Work
  • 2003 JSCE Annual Meeting
  • Signing of the Agreement of Cooperation with Nepal Engineers' Association
  • "Civil Engineering" Feb. 2003 Feature Article: "Wind power generators and their future" (Summary)
  • Voice from the Students - Kongkeo PHAMAVANH
  • New E-Friend Registration System

Newsletter No.10, March 2003 

  • "Civil Engineering" Dec. 2002 Feature Article: "Prepare for Big Earthquakes" (Summary)
  • U.K. Section of JSCE
  • ASCE 150th Anniversary Report
  • The JSCE-EIT Joint Seminars on Steel Bridges in Bangkok
  • Japan to Host 3rd World Water Forum
  • Report From Flood Disaster Investigation Team to Europe
  • ASCE Study Tour Grant 2002 - S.M. Parvez Mohit
  • Invitation to 3rd CECAR

Newsletter No.9, December 2002 

  • "Civil Engineering" Oct. 2002 Feature Article: "A Consideration for Civil Engineering Landscape Design" (Summary)
  • 57th JSCE Annual Meeting in Sapporo
  • Summary of Panel Disccussion
  • 22nd Agreement of Cooperation with IEI
  • 4th International Summer Symposium
  • Reconnaissance of the Damage caused by the Earthquakes in Peru and Iran
  • Voice from the Students: Kohei Nagai
  • The Int'l Symposium on Construction & Project Management: Human Resources Development under "Glocalization"

Newsletter No.8, September 2002 

  • Interview with President KISHI
  • New Agreements of Cooperation - HKIE (Hong Kong) / IEM(Malaysia) / MACE(Mongol)
  • 2002 JSCE Award Winners
  • Assisting the Reconstruction of Afghanistan
  • "Civil Engineering, JSCE" on the Web
  • Momentous Experience in Receiving the JSCE Thesis Award

Newsletter No.7, March 2002 

  • Greetings from the New Chair of International Activities Committee
  • 56th JSCE Annual Meeting
  • ASCE Annual Conference and Exhibition
  • KSCE 50th Anniversary
  • CICHE Annual Conference
  • JSCE Signs Agreement of Cooperation with TCCE
  • JSCE's Third International Section Foundation in London
  • After 30 Years - Active History of Committee on Environmental Systems in JSCE -
  • The Metropolitan Area Outer Discharge Channel Project - Giant Scale Storm Water Drain Tunnel System -
  • The Volcanic Eruption of Miyake Island - Damages & Restoration -
  • Innovation of Procurement System (CALS/EC) by Ministry of Infrastructure, Land and Transportation
  • JSCE Study Tour Grant - Nguyen Duy Thang

Newsletter No.6, September 2001 

  • Interview with President TAMBO
  • 2nd CECAR
  • Monuments of the Millennium
  • JSCE Signs Agreement of Cooperation with IEP (Pakistan)
  • Earthquake Engineering Committee
  • The Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel in the Tohoku Shinkansen Railway Line
  • Report of the 2001 Geiyo Earthquake
  • New Programs of JSCE
  • Voice from the Graduates - Nguyen The Duy

Newsletter No.5, March 2001 

  • Annual Conference of JSCE in Sendai, 2000
  • ASCE 2000 Annual Conference
  • KSCE 2000 Annual Conference
  • CICHE 2000 Annual Conference
  • JSCE Technical Committee News Hydraulics Committee
  • Advanced Shield Tunneling Methods in Japan
  • Natural Disasters in Japan: Flooding in Tokai District and Earthquake in Tottori Prefecture
  • Trend of IT Revolution in Japan's Construction Industry
  • Memoirs of Study Tour to Japan by Ms. Lee Bee Wah (Vice President, Institution of Engineers, Singapore)
  • English Graduate Program at Hokkaido University
  • Book Review

Newsletter No.4, September 2000 

  • A Greeting from the President
  • 15th and 16th International Cooperation Agreements Signed
  • JSCE's First and Second International Sections Founded in Taiwan and Korea
  • JSCE Technical Committee News - The Concrete Committee -
  • Very Large Extradosed PC-Steel Composite Girder Bridges Under Construction - The Kiso River and Ibi River Bridges -
  • JSCE Second International Summer Symposium Held on July 28, 2000
  • The Second Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region (2nd CECAR) Scheduled in April, 2001
  • Information on International Graduate Program in Japan
  • Voice from an International Student
  • Book Review

Newsletter No.3, February 2000 

  • A Shared Vision for Emerging Asia: The Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council Was Established
  • JSCE 54th Annual Conference in Hiroshima Was Hit by Typhoon
  • Cooperation Agreements with Thai and Singaporean Engineers Societies
  • The Outline of the First International Summer Symposium and Call for Abstracts to the Second International Summer Symposium in July 2000
  • ASCE Civil Engineering Conference and Exposition
  • Voice from a Student - Le Ba Vinh
  • Editor's Note
  • Information on International Graduate Program in Japan
  • Voice from an International Student
  • Book Review

Newsletter No.2, August 1999 

  • A Greeting from the New Chair of International Activities Committee:
  • JSCE 54th Annual Conference Offers Two Programs in English
  • Agreement of Cooperation with European Council of Civil Engineers
  • JSCE Establishes a Cooperative Network with PRC
  • Progress in Preparation for the Second Civil Engineering Conference in Asian Region
  • The First International Summer Symposium for Foreign Students in Japan
  • Two Years' Challenges under Transformation
  • Tatara Bridge - World's Longest Cable-Stayed Bridge
  • Voice from the Students - Anat Ruangrassamee
  • Editor's Note

Newsletter No.1, February 1999 

  • THIS IS JSCE !!!
  • VOICE FROM THE STUDENTS - Reginald Macdonald