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The 2nd Japan-Indonesia Joint Seminar 2013

The 2nd Japan-Indonesia Joint Seminar “The Myth and Reality of Quality Assurance Systems in Construction Projects” was held at Jakarta

The international joint seminar organized by Construction Management Committee of JSCE, JSCE Indonesia Branch, Construction Development Agency-Ministry of Public Works Indonesia and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) was held in Jakarta (Bidakara Hotel) on 27 of February, 2013.

The seminar focused on quality assurance of construction projects based on last year’s discussion that theme was public procurement system. Purpose of seminar was to present and share actual situation, problems and solutions of quality assurance in both countries, and especially to discuss the future prospect of quality assurance in Indonesia.

Title of the seminar was decided as “The Myth and Reality of Quality Assurance Systems in Construction Projects” based on request of Indonesia side. Their strong enthusiasm shows that they do not leave myth of quality assurance as it is, face up to reality and try to improve it.

90 people were attended the seminar. The seminar opened with detailed review for result of last year’s seminar by Professor Rizal Tamin, leader of construction management research group of ITB and greeting speech by Professor Benedictus Kombaitan, Dean of School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development ITB. Program of seminar was composed by 2 keynote speeches and 3 panel discussions.

Keynote speeches of morning session were made by Mr. Tri Djoko Waluyo, Head of Construction Development Agency - Ministry of Public Works Indonesia raised problems regarding to quality assurance, and Professor Puti Farida, Vice President of ITB gave lecture titled “Quality and Construction Projects: A quest for capability and confidence”. Next panel discussion tried to present and share actual situation of quality assurance in both countries. From Japan side, Dr. Yasuyuki Suzuki (CTI Engineering Co., Ltd.) presented actual situation and improvement of quality assurance system for design phase in Japan, and Dr. Takashi Goso (Associate Professor, Kochi University of Technology) reported actual quality assurance and problems for construction phase in Japanese domestic construction projects. From Indonesia side, productivity and quality assurance, the future prospect of quality assurance system in Indonesia, etc. were presented.

In afternoon session, Dr. Kazumasa Ozawa (Professor, The University of Tokyo /Chairman of Construction Management Committee of JSCE) gave keynote speech titled “Quality Management System for Infrastructure Projects –Experiences and Challenges in Japan”. After that, 2 panel discussions which themed on “Theory to Reality” and “Role of Stakeholder” were organized. From Japan side, Dr. Tsunemi Watanabe (Professor, Kochi University of Technology) presented Dango (Rotational& Complementary Bidding) problem and “tossing a coin” selection problem. As a solution for these problems, he presented installing Comprehensive Evaluation Method (CEM), result of installed CEM and the new problems. Panelist from Malaysia was attended in Indonesia side; he presented the role of quantity surveyor for quality assurance.

Finally, the seminar was closed with proposal by Committee Chairman Ozawa as “We wish to organize 3rd seminar to promote collaboration of research/education and cooperation between both countries”.

The seminar achieves many results as same as last seminar. First, we could recognize that quality assurance is important problem also in Indonesia. Second, we felt big expectation for the seminar from Indonesia side.

Third, we felt that presentations by Japan side could meet Indonesia side’s expectation. The presentation such as quality assurance for design phase by Dr. Suzuki was hardly heard in Indonesia. Also, presentation regarding to actual situation,problems and improvement of quality assurance for construction phase by Prof. Ozawa and Dr. Goso were very interesting topic for Indonesia side. At the end of the seminar, Indonesia side requested and proposed for next year’s seminar that the seminar will keep 2 days, 1st day will be discussion same as this time seminar, 2nd day will lectures by Japan side regarding to advanced area in Japan.

Fourth, we could see vivid and active researcher who studied in Japan and went back to Indonesia. For example, Dr. Dewi Larasati, Lecturer of ITB presented importance of establishing database of contractors for quality assurance and appropriate communication in any project phases, based on her experience of procurement and supervision in ITB. Her presentation was very persuasiveness. It is important to research on construction management that not to accept and apply principals and rules of foreign countries to own country without any questions, watch and analyze actual problem carefully, study solution with sincerity, and make fluent presentation to have sympathy from many people.  We could feel that the way to educate foreign students was right.

Fifth, Malaysia’s engineer attended the seminar; we could feel possibility to expand the seminar for other Asian countries.
The seminar was supported by International Scientific Exchange Fund of JSCE. Further, we received great cooperation and support from member of ITB. We express our deepest appreciation to all concerned.

Souvenir photo with all participants