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JSCE-SVR Joint Seminar on Concrete Engineering

(w/ SVR and The Concrete Committee, June 10, 2008)

SVR (Swedish Society of Civil and Structural Engineers) - JSCE Joint Seminar was held on 10th June, 2008 at Balsta, Sweden. The seminar took place as an event in the XXth Symposium on Nordic Concrete Research & Development, which is research symposia between the five countries in the northern Europe, i.e., Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. More than 130 people had registered for their participation.

The JSCE concrete committee has held the joint seminars with several Civil Engineers' Societies of foreign country, with which JSCE has an agreement for collaboration, including CICHE (Taiwan), MACE (Mongolia), VIFCEA (Vietnam) and KSCE (Korea).

The theme of this seminar was "Future Perspectives towards the Development of Concrete Technologies". Based on the theme, 6 recent research topics (each 3 from JSCE and SVR) were presented. The topics from JSCE were "Standardization for environmental management" (K. Sakai), "High performance fiber reinforced cement composites with multiple fine cracks (HPFRCC)" (K. Rokugo) and "Time-dependent structural analysis" (H. Nakamura). The topics from SVR were "assessment of structural concrete" (L. Elfgren), "use of cementitious materials in rock and soil engineering" (H. Stille), and "innovative strengthening systems" (B. T?ljsten). The main keywords of these presentations were sustainability and durability that are the hot topics nowadays. There were many discussions in each presentation, which means that the joint seminar was successful.

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Nagoya University

Key members in the seminar