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CICHE-JSCE Joint Seminar on Concrete Engineering

(w/ CICHE and The Concrete Committee, Dec 3, 2004)

CICHE (Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering ) - JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineers) Joint Seminar on Concrete Engineering was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of CICHE on December 3, 2004. In past years, a strong relationship has developed between the construction industry of Taiwan and Japanese professional engineers. In order to enhance further collaboration, the seminar was planed on the basis of the agreement of cooperation between CICHE and JSCE.

The seminar began with the opening speeches by Prof. J. C. Chern and Prof. Shigeru Morichi, presidents of each society. Firstly, Prof. Taketo Uomoto, Univ. of Tokyo, gave a keynote lecture on "New technologies on maintenance of concrete structures ". Then, ten research lectures (each 5 from Taiwan and Japan) were presented. The proceeding for the seminar was publis hed, in which five papers each from JSCE and CICHE are included. There were 115 participants in the seminar. It is expected that this seminar promote future collaboration and developments among engineers and researchers of Japan and Taiwan.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Prof. Y. W. Chan and the other staffs of CICHE who kindly arranged for the seminar.

Reported by:
Kagawa University

(From left) Prof. K. Sakai, Prof. S. Morichi, Prof. J. C. Chern and Prof. Y. W. Chan