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JSCE-PICE-NCTS Joint Seminar on Sustainable Urban Transport Systems

(w/ PICE and The Infrastructure Planning Committee, Oct 25, 2004)

JSCE-PICE (Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers)-NCTS (National Center for Transportation Studies, University of the Philippines) Joint Seminar was held at the Dusit Nikko Hotel, in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines, on November 6, 2004, on the theme “Sustainable Urban Transport Systems”. The seminar began with the opening speeches by Dr. Primitivo C. Cal, National Secretary of PICE, and then 13 research papers (7 from Philippines and 6 from Japan) were presented. About 80 engineers attended the seminar and they discussed about the topics actively and exchanged their opinions. At the end, Dr. Eiichi Taniguchi, Former Secretary- General of International Activities Committee of JSCE, provided closing remarks.

The seminar was the great success and we express sincere thanks to Dr.Sigua, Dr.Karl and the other staffs of NCTS who kindly arranged for the seminar.

Reported by:
Kyoto University

Presenters and NCTS Staffs