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KSCE-JSCE Joint Seminar on Durability of Concrete Structures

(w/ KSCE and The Concrete Committee, Oct 25, 2003)

In the KSCE annual convention, the KSCE (Korean Society of Civil Engineers)-JSCE Joint Seminar was held in Daegu, Korea, on October 25, 2003, on the theme "Durability Concern on Concrete Structures for the Future". The seminar began with the opening speeches by Mr. Furuki, Executive Director of JSCE, and Professor Moon, President of Korean Concrete Institute. 10 presentations (5 from KSCE and 5 from JSCE) chaired by Professor Song of Yonsei University of Korea then followed. About 80 Korean engineers attended the seminar. At the end, Professor Kim, President of KSCE, presented a gift of appreciation to each speaker. The seminar was publicized nationwide by several newspapers and recognized as one of best products of the 2003 KSCE annual convention by President Kim of KSCE and the organizing committee members.

The seminar is the second of its kind, an effort that JSCE International Activities Committee makes to promote the cooperation with the societies/institutes having a cooperative agreement with JSCE.

Reported by:
Eiki Yamaguchi
Kyushu Institute of Technology

 KSCE hands a gift to JSCE
(Prof. Takewaka, Kagoshima Univ. (left) and Prof. Kim, President of KSCE (right))