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2012 JSCE Annual Meeting

2012 JSCE Annual Meeting 

Date & Time September 5-7, 9:00-19:30
Venue Nagoya Univ. Higashiyama Campus >>map
Theme Regional Reconstruction and National Revitalization:The Role of Civil Engineering

2012 JSCE Annual Meeting Int'l Program

1. Int'l Roundtable Meeting (RTM)

- Outline

The International Roundtable Meeting focuses on natural disaster experiences and the development of disaster resilient infrastructure. Participants share their disaster experiences and disaster risk mitigation measures and plans, and furhter explore multillateral cooperation and collaboration opportunites in developing disasetr-resilient infrastructures and society.

- At-A-Glance Program


- RTM Presentations

 ・RTM Summary

1 Mr. Katsuji Hashiba (MLIT, Japan): Policies for Disaster Management- the Lessons Learned in the Great East Japan Earthquake
2 Mr. Engr. Mollah Ruhul Alam (Bangladesh Water Development Board): Water Related Disaster Management in Bangladesh: Roles of Bangladesh Water Development Board
3 Prof. Albert T. Yeung (ASCE): Mitigation of Landslides in Hong Kong
4 Mr. Sudarsono & Mr. Ir. Hartanto (Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia): Flood Risk Management in Asia: Indonesia Experiences
5 Dr. Jae-Hyun Shim (Nat'l Disaster Management Institute, Korea):  NDMI’s DRM Strategies for Building Resilience
6 Asst. Prof. Netra Prakash Bhandary (NEA-Japan Center): Natural Disasters in Nepal: an Introduction to Mitigation Efforts through Academic and Research Activities
7 Mr. Ronald D. Ison (PICE): The Philippines Disaser Management
8 Mr. Chi-Heng Chian (CECI Engineering Consultants Inc., Taiwan, R.O.C.): Natural Disaster and Countermeasure of Taiwan
9 Mr. Supapap Patsinghasanee (The Office of the Nat'l Water and Flood Policy Committee, Thailand): Water and Flood Management Policy in Thailand
10 Prof. Beyza Taskin (JSCE Turkish Section): The Aftermath of 2011 Van Earthquakes
11 Mr. Vu Kien Trung (Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Divelopment, Vietnam): Country Briefing on National ICT Architectures in Vietnam

- RTM minutes 


2. The 14th Int'l Summer Symposium in 2012


3. 2012 Study Tour Grant