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JSCE Annual Meeting

2011 JSCE Annual Meeting


1. International Roundtable Meeting

PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) concept in infrastructure development has been introduced under the lack of the public financial resources in many countries. Each of them has its policy and guidelines about PPP project and may face issues and difficulties in PPP project implementation. The improvement of the policy and guidelines, and successful project implementation are the major challenges that they are facing.
  1. To learn various PPP policies and guidelines based on the questionnaires answered
  2. To learn two- successful and unsuccessful/difficult- PPP projects of a country; the RTM presenters will explain the two projects with the reasons why they are implemented successfully and unsuccessfully.
  3. To discuss the improvement of PPP project design and implementation

2. The WFEO-JFES-JSCE Joint International Symposium - 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake


Date Wednesday, September 8, 2011
Time 9:00-12:00
Venue Center for Information Technology, Media Hall
  1. Opening address
  2. Presentations on field studies and findings
    1. JSCE’s response and future plans by Mr. Moriyasu FURUKI, Advisor, JSCE
    2. The impact of earthquake by Prof. Kazuo KONAGAI (The Univ. of Tokyo), JSCE Earthquake Engineering Committee
    3. The impact of tsunami by Prof. Shinji SATO (The Univ. of Tokyo), Costal Engineering Committee
    4. Liquefaction phenomenon caused by the earthquake by Prof. Ikuo TOWHATA (The Univ. of Tokyo), JSCE Earthquake Engineering Committee
    5. Damage of Concrete Structures by Tsunami by Prof. Kyuichi MARUYAMA (Nagaoka Univ. of Technology), a JSCE Board of Director
    6. PICE Break (15 minutes)
  3. Q & A
  4. Closing