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JSCE-EIT Joint Seminar on Steel Bridges

(w/ EIT, The Committee on Steel Structure, Committee on Structural Engineering, Jan 10, 2003)

JSCE-EIT (Engineering Institute of Thailand) Joint Seminar was held in Bangkok on January 10, 2003, on the theme “Advanced Engineering for Long-Life Steel Bridges.” The seminar began with the opening speech by EIT President, Dr. Karoon Chandrangsuno, which was followed by 12 presentations (7 from JSCE and 5 from EIT). About 100 Thai engineers attended the seminar. After the seminar, Japanese delegates were invited to visit two steel factories and two construction sites. The seminar is the first of its kind and one of the efforts that JSCE International Activities Committee started making recently to promote the cooperation and/or stimulate the interaction with the societies/institutes having a cooperative agreement with JSCE.

Reported by:
Eiki Yamaguchi
Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • Opening Speech by Dr. Karoon, EIT President
  • Presentation by Prof. Miki, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Summary presentation in Thai by Dr. Taweep from EIT
  • Audiences
  • Speakers