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JSCE-PII Joint Seminar -International Workshop on the official Tsunami Hazard Map-

(w/ PII,  Earthquake Engineering Committee, and Coastal Engineering Committee, Aug 25-26, 2008)

The series of earthquakes followed by tsunamis have widely generated in Indonesia and other countries especially after the 2004 Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami. The seismic activity in Indonesia should be still high because of seismic gaps remaining in Sumatra and Java islands. The Padang city, regional center in the west Sumatra with the high population of one million, is located on coastal area lying lower land in the front of one of seismic gaps in the Sumatra. International Workshop on the official Tsunami Hazard Map in Padang and International Seminar on Earthquake and Tsunami were held at Andalas Univ., Padang Indonesia, 25-26 August 2008 organized by JSCE, Andalas Univ., MMAF, Padang city, and NGO Kogami

Many efforts in Padang are on going in international/national and local level to reduce the tsunami impacts, one of those is risk assessment to know and understand the potency of negative impacts caused by coastal disaster. However, an official hazard map for tsunami is not yet finalized. Many parties and agencies produce different tsunami hazard map, causing confusions among the people. In this workshop, experts and professors invited from Indonesia, Germany, USA, NZ and Japan presented the state of the arts and discussed the issues. At the end, the following would have been achieved:

  1. Information on the existing efforts, intended applications, method, and approach in tsunami hazard mapping for Padang City including compilation of agencies and contact persons
  2. Experts analysis of challenges, gaps and recommendations to develop an official map.
  3. User/local stakeholder and government analysis and recommendations for the need and application of official hazard map
  4. Scenario on submarine earthquake (location, magnitude), dislocation parameter, and tsunami height based on scientific input and analysis.

Reported by:
Fumihiko IMAMURA, Prof.
DCRC, Tohoku University

Discussion on a tsunami hazard map