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JSCE-VIFCEA Joint Seminar on Concrete Engineering

(w/ VIFCEA and The Concrete Committee, Dec 8, 2005)

JSCE-VIFCEA Joint Seminar Program

  1. K. Sakai (Kagawa University)
    The JSCE Durability Design of Concrete Structures and a Proposal to Vietnam Construction Industry
  2. N. T. Dich (Vice-president of Vietnam Concrete Association)
    Some Peculiarities of Concrete Technology in the Condition of Hot Humid Climate of Vietnam
  3. K. Uji (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
    Roller Compacted concrete Dam and Utilization of Fly Ash in Japan
  4. H. Yokota (Port and Airport Research Institute)
    Performance-Based Design of Concrete Structures - JSCE Standard Specifications for Concrete Structures on Structural Performance Verification
  5. T. D. P. Oanh (Hazama Corporation)
    Study on the Heat of Hydration of Mass Concrete - Case of DaiNinh Hydropower Project: CW2 - DaNhim Spillway Concrete
  6. T. Yoshioka (Oriental Construction)
    The Latest Technologies of Prestressed Concrete Bridges in Japan
  7. T. Kawai (Shimizu Corporation)
    State-Of-The-Art Report on High-Strength Concrete in Japan - Recent Developments and Applications
  8. N. Hung (Chau Thoi Concrete Corporation 620) and N. V. Chanh (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology)
    The Development of Durable High Performance Concrete in Vietnam)
  9. A. Matsui (Nghi Son Cement Corporation)
    The Introduction of Cement and Concrete Technology in Vietnam and Japan
  10. T. Fukushima (Pacific Consultants International)
    Saigon East-West Highway Project
  11. T. D. P. Oanh (Hazama Corporation)
    Wet Shotcrete

Reported by:
Kagawa University

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Opening Remarks by Prof. Sakai
  • Audience