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Tanaka Award

Tanaka Aword

The late Dr.Yutaka Tanaka, the first head of the Bridge Division of The Imperial Capital Reconstruction Board which was established soon after the Great Kanto Earthquake, is widely known as a bridge and strof the numerous bridge constructions that he worked for are found even today such as the symbols of Tokyo, Eitaibashi and Kiyosubashi bridges spanning Sumida River. Dr. Tanaka a noted bridge and structural engineer is widely respected for his outstanding achievements and contribtuion to the development of bridge and structural engineering.

Tanaka Award was established to honor Dr. Tanaka for his pioneering contribtuion to bridge and structural engineering in 1966.  The fund for the award was endowed by his family and also provided through Dr. Yutaka Tanaka  Commemorative Foundation which was established by his friends, colleagues, students and admireres in 1965. Since then, the award has recognized remarkable success, exellence, and contribution, at the same time, gained recogniction internationlly. 

Nowadays the award is counted as one of prestigious and authoritative awards in the civil engineering field.

The award is made in the three categories:

  1. Outstanding Achievement: the award is made to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions to the advancement of the field of bridge engineering. This award, founded in 1993, has been recognized as one of the most prestigious award in the country. Many of the recipients are the country's most eminent bridge experts.
  2. Exellence in Research Paper: the award is made to recognize the author, or authors of research papers on planning, design, construction, maintenance and management, history and others, published in the JSCE journals/ magazine, which have made valuable and commendable contributions to bridge engineering progress.
  3. Excellence in Bridge Design and Construciton: the award recognizes constructed, or reconstructed bridges, or related structures which are produced based on excellent planning, design, construction, maintenance and management and excell technically and aesthetically.  The award is made not to honor individual engineers' success, but rather the works and achievemtns made by the cooprative effort of engineers who worked together in a project.

2011 Winners

◆Dubai Metro Viaduct (Dubai,UAE)

Road and Transport Authority, Dubai
Joint Venture of Obayashi Corp. Kajima Corp. and Yapi Merkezi

◆Ikina Bridge (Aich Pref.)

Ehime Pref./ Chodai CO.,LTD./ Joint Venture of Sumitomo Mitsui construction CO., LTD. and Showa Concrete Industry Co., Ltd., Gotou construction CO.,LTD. ,Ogawa contractor INC.

◆Third Agatsumagawa Bridge (Gunma Pref.)

East Japan Railway Co., Joshinetsu Construction Office/ JR East Consultants Co./ Joint Venture of Taisei Corp., Totetsu Kogyo Co.,LTD. and Sato Kogyo Co.,LTD./ Kawada Industries, INC.

◆Hiroshima Airport Bridge (Hiroshima Pref.)

Hiroshima Prefecture/ Japan Bridge & Structure Institute, Inc./ Joint Venture of Kajima Corporation, Chizaki Corporation and Sanyou Construction Corporation./ Joint Venture of Shimizu Corporation, Kounoike Corporation and Kosei Construction Corporation./ Joint Venture of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge and Steel Structures Engineering Co., Ltd., IHI Corporation and Hitachi Zosen Corporation./ Yokogawa Bridge Corporation/ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge and Steel Structures Engineering Co., Ltd.

◆Tokyo Gate Bridge (Tokyo)

Kanto Regional Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism/ Bureau of Port and Harbor, Tokyo Metropolitan Government/ Central Consultant Inc./ Chuo/ Fukken Consultants Co., Ltd./ Oriental Consultants Co., Ltd./ Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd./ Nippon Koei Co., Ltd./ Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd./ Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd./ Kawada Industries, Inc./ Miyaji Engineering Co., Ltd./ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bridge & Steel Structures/ Engineering Co., Ltd./ Hitachi Zosen Corporation/ Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd./ Tokyo Steel Rib & Bridge Construction Co., Ltd./ Hakodate Dock Co., Ltd./ Toa Corporation/ Toyo Construction Co., Ltd./ Kumagai Gumi Co., Ltd./ Penta-Ocean Construction Co., Ltd./ Wakachiku Construction Co., Ltd./ Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd./ Kajima Corporation/ Mirai Construction Co., Ltd./ Konoike Construction Co., Ltd./ Taisei Corporation/ Nissan Rinkai Construction Co., Ltd./ Sato Kogyo Co., Ltd./ Obayashi Corporation/ Dai Nippon Construction/ Tekken Corporation/ Hazama Corporation/ Maeda Corporation/ Toda Corporation/ Aisawa Construction Co., Ltd./ Shimizu Corporation/ Kabuki Construction/ Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd./ Tokyo Kensetsu Co., Ltd./ Sankyou-Tanaka Co,. Ltd./ Sakata-Construction Co., Ltd.


2010 Winners

Detail in English / in Japanese

Project Name Location
Colorado River Bridge USA
Amarube Bridge Hyogo Pref., Japan
Connection Taxiway Bridge in Tokyo International Airport D-Runway Tokyo, Japan
Fudo Ohashi Bridge Gunma Pref., Japan


2009 Winners

Detail in English / in Japanese

Project Name Location
Incheon Bridge Incheon, Korea
Stonecutters Bridge Hong Kong
Kyushu Shinkansen Matsubara Intersection Bridge Fukuoka Pref., Japan
Sarutagawa Bridge and Tomoegawa Bridge Shizuoka Pref., Japan

2008 Winners

Detail in English / in Japanese

Project Name Location
Toyoshima Bridge Hiroshima Pref., Japan
Sannai Maruyama Bridge Aomori Pref., Japan
Tabegawa Bridge Fukuoka Pref., Japan
New Metropolitan Bridge Saitama Pref., Japan

2007 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Shin-Toyo Bridge Tokyo, Japan
Kokonoe "Yume" Otsuribashi Oita Pref., Japan
Minato Bridge Structural Renaisance on Seismic Retrofit Osaka Pref., Japan
First Yamakiri Viaduct Shizuoka Pref., Japan
Tama Grand Bridge Tokyo, Japan

2006 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Bai Chay Bridge Cua Luc Strait in the Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
New Meishin Expressway Ohmi-Ohdori Bridge Shiga Pref., Japan
Tenmagawa Bridge Aomori Pref., Japan
Shin Saikai Bridge Nagasaki Pref., Japan
Seishun Bridge Gunma Pref., Japan
Uchimaki Viaduct Shizuoka Pref., Japan

2005 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Megami-Ohashi Bridge Nagasaki Pref., Japan
Transplantation of Lateral Girder of Shimoueno Viaduct Kyoto Pref., Japan
Nanairo Viaduct Nara Pref., Japan
New Kita-Kyushu Airport Connecting Bridge Fukuoka Pref., Japan
Kiseimiyagawa Bridge Mie Pref., Japan
Katsurashima Viaduct Shizuoka Pref., Japan

2004 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Kobe New Transit CFT Girder Bridge Hyogo Pref., Japan
Hamayu-Ohashi Bridge Shizuoka Pref., Japan
Yahagigawa Bridge Aichi Pref., Japan
Kenshinko-Ohashi Bridge Niigata Pref., Japan
Himiyume-Ohashi Bridge Nagasaki Pref., Japan
Seiun Bridge Tokushima Pref., Japan
Fujikawa Bridge Shizuoka Pref., Japan

2003 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Chitose Bridge Osaka Pref., Japan
Kitakami-Ohashi Bridge Iwate Pref., Japan
Nozomi Bridge Gifu Pref., Japan
Ukai-Ohashi Bridge Gifu Pref., Japan
Shibakawa Viaduct Shizuoka Pref., Japan
Warashinagawa Bridge Shizuoka Pref., Japan
Kinokawa Viaduct Wakayama Pref., Japan

2002 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Imabeppu River Bridge Kagoshima Pref., Japan
Mori no Waku Waku Hashi Fukushima Pref., Japan
Hozu Bridge Kyoto Pref., Japan
Japan-Egypt Friendship Bridge Ismailia, Egypt
Yeongjong Grand Bridge Yeongjong Island, Korea
Jingashita Viaduct Kanagawa Pref., Japan
Ganmon Bridge Ishikawa Pref., Japan
Kiso River Bridge, Ibi River Bridge Mie Pref., Japan
Irtysh River Bridge Semipalatinsk, Republic of Kazakhstan

2001 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Ujina Bridge Hiroshima Pref., Japan
Shikari Bridge Hokkaido Pref., Japan
Miyakodagawa Bridge Shizuoka Pref., Japan
Tensho Bridge Miyazaki Pref., Japan

2000 Winners

Detail in Japanese

Project Name Location
Akinada Bridge Hiroshima Pref., Japan
Ikeda-Hesokko Bridge Tokushima Pref., Japan
Ujina-Ohashi Bridge Hiroshima Pref., Japan
Kushimoto Bridge Wakayama Pref., Japan
Shinko Circle-Walk (Pedestrian Bridge) Kanagawa Pref., Japan
Second Mandaue-Mactan Bridge Mactan/Cebu Islands, Philippines
Naruse River Bridge Miyagi Pref., Japan